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Discover the music of Bört. Here you will find kids music, choir music, string trio-music and some older releases.
Barnskiva med Lena & Bört!
Spana in skivan här.

till en kompis - NY CD!
Söker du ny svensk musik till din kör? Då är du välkommen att
prova Vingspel, en ny samling svenska visor för blandad kör.
En ny samling svenska visor för blandad kör
Or maybe you're looking for some exciting
music for your string trio? Check it out here!
String trio sheet music

Enjoy some images and information from the exciting world of meteorology. Take a moment to explore different clouds and other beautiful phenomena in the sky. Here you will find almost every cloud type there is, and a brief description of what you see.

Cartoons by Bört
Check out the aviation-related cartoons by Bört, as published in Swiss International Air Lines magazine for employees, Insight.